About Amos

amosglennportraitart-2 cropped smallI came to education and technology as a career through a somewhat unusual path. Since sixth grade I had planned on becoming a physicist. In college, though, I realized that it wasn’t the science itself that I enjoyed, but was the way science explained things. I loved boiling information down to stories that that helped make sense of the world or open unexpected wonders. After exploring other fields with similar goals intentions (and changing majors a lot), I settled on Philosophy because that was where people took all the other disciplines and tried to make sense of the world.

Before too long, I realized that making sense of the world and telling the stories of science and philosophy was really about education—actually telling the stories and helping people make sense of the world. I pushed this even further into religion as the ultimate place where people try to make sense of the world and find ways of improving their lives. I studied education and leadership in theological school and became a priest working in religious education. For the next ten years I ran a K-8 school and served as pastor to a congregation where I taught a lot and tried to help people understand how the world worked. I taught many children, but also helped train other professional educators.

As technology developed, my interests led me to find ways to use the new communication technologies to tell the stories of science, philosophy and religion. As I found more and more ways that technology could improve learning and education, my interested moved further into the technology of education as much as actually doing the education myself. While

The Glenn Family

The Glenn Family includes my wife, our daughter, and our three sons.

earning a doctorate in Instructional Design and Technology, I worked for a growing company designing educational products based on high tech toys and games. I couldn’t refuse an offer to work at Carnegie Mellon University on a project researching and developing educational video games. From there, I’ve worked on several projects at CMU on instructional technology in various forms.

I’m now a “learning engineer” which means I design and develop educational tools by combining technology with the science of learning. When learning isn’t happening the way it should, I try to figure out why and design a way to make learning happen efficiently and robustly.

I’m always looking for new opportunities to try new things. If you have something you’d like to talk with me about, please feel free to contact me (it’s easy to use the form below).

Here’s a few kind words written about me:

Amos was my first “boss”…. In my first two years serving with him, I have learned a lot… that could not be taught in a classroom. While he is still, now, one of my many bosses, our working relationship has evolved more into one of respected peers; yet I am still learning. I admire… his own willingness to continue to grow and try new things. Real leaders are continual learners, and Amos demonstrates that on a regular basis.

~Glenn “Mac” Frazier


When I’m not working, here’s a few other things I enjoy.