Collaborative Process of Scientific Inquiry

During the development of an educational game, I designed the flowchart for a game mechanic to integrate Social Emotional learning (SEL) into the more standard learning of the scientific process. This design is based on the “Collaborative Process of Scientific Inquiry” framework developed by myself and a colleague to situate the research our team was doing.



Discrete Math Tutors (Open Learning Initiative)

For this higher-education course, I used data from computer logs to determine where students ran into trouble and investigated the reasons why these sections produced less learning. To improve the course, I designed a series of intelligent tutors that would appear in these low-performing sections. These tutors present problems to students that were written to check their understanding of specific ideas and their mastery of specific skills. Students who didn’t understand the material or master the skill were assisted by the tutor with hints and feedback as the student worked through the problem.


cartesin product set operationidentify numbers as sets


Developing tutors using HTML CTAT Tools from LearnLab


Design and Delivery of Educational Games

This was a presentation made to the learning technology company ThinkThroughMath. They were thinking about adding math games to their online instructional products and asked me to give them information on why educational games were a good idea and how the process might work.


Design for level sequence for Beanstalk game

Beanstalk was a game to teach younger students about balance and the scientific process. These topic was chosen in part because they are some of the more difficult subjects usually taught in primary grades. Other research demonstrated that most children go through a specific series of correct ideas and misunderstandings before they really understand how weight and distance are manipulated to create balance. My design has students progressing through levels focused on each step in the series of correct ideas and common misunderstandings. This would allow students to go through the whole learning process with much greater efficiency.

Instructor Material for Teaching Simple Machines

This material is copyrighted by Snapology, a company that teaches through educational toys and games. I created this as part of a curriculum to teach Grades 1-6 about simple machines. This is background information for instructors to make sure they understand context of the material they will be teaching. If the instructor does not have a degree in education, we can be sure they they understand the more complex context in which the lesson is situated. The second example includes suggested activities that challenge the older or higher performing students to go deeper into the topic.
Lets Get Movin_Lesson 3_V2_Page_2Lets Get Movin_Lesson 3_V2_Page_4


ENGAGE (Educational Games) Project Poster

I designed this poster for a meeting I attended to promote our research to businesses and foundations interested in partnering with Carnegie Mellon University. As one member of the research team said, “You are going to make all of our posters!”

ENGAGE poster 20120912

Crowd-driven Innovation Project website

I designed and wrote this website to promote the work of the research project.

Crowd Driven InnovationCrowd Driven Innovation news

Swedenborg Scientific Association Website

I designed this site (and still serve as webmaster) for this scientific organization. Featured heavily is a system for publishing papers to be read and searched online as well as read offline.

The Swedenborg Scientific Association Publishers of The New Philosophy journalThe Philosophical Context of Swedenborg the Philosopher — Reason and Faith Faith and Reason — A Human Project Part II The Swedenborg Scientific Association

History Department Website

This site was designed to host material for part of the Bryn Athyn College History Department focusing on 18th century history and the history of the town of Bryn Athyn. Embedded in the website is an app that allows users to upload and organize historical photos and images. Faculty could search the archive and group images into albums for specific classes or topics.

NewChurchHistory.orgNew Church History Photograph Project