Designing and Delivering Innovative Instruction for 20 Years

Successful record of research, project management, and technology development in several environments. Lead teams of educators, scientists, designers, researchers, and programmers in both industrial and institutional settings. Twenty years of experience in innovation and design of products and programs, mainly instructional. Responsible for budgets up to $500,000 and teams up to 100 members. Research and development experience includes: game design, intelligent tutoring systems, web-delivered software development, online curriculum design, and instructional toy design. Doctorate in Instructional Design and Technology.
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  • Curriculum design including outcomes-based models and content-centered models
  • Program evaluation and learning assessment
  • Project management and team leadership methods, tools, and software
  • Strategic planning tools and facilitation (e.g., SWOT analysis, Hoshin planning)
  • Product development in for-profit and academic educational environments
  • Working with schools and teachers to develop learning content
  • Teaching in k-8 classrooms
  • Software fluency including MS Office, Adobe Suites, CRM, Accounting, and more
  • Clearly organizing and presenting complex information to a diverse audience
  • Programming including Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, Swift


  • Doctor of Education degree in instructional design and technology
  • 20 years experience in instructional programs
  • 13 years experience supervising employees
  • 10 years experience in K-8 administration
  • 8 years experience in curriculum development
  • 7 years experience in educational R&D
  • 3 years experience with intelligent math tutors
  • Budgeting experience with $350,000 annually



CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

LEARNING ENGINEER, Open Learning Initiative. 2016-present.

I am leading a team of research programmers and faculty in the redevelopment of an online course, including the implementation of newly developed HTML-based cognitive tutor components.

  • Designed 12 new interaction models to address problem areas
  • Developed student interfaces for 9 interaction models

RESEARCH ASSOCIATE III—ADAPTIVE INTELLIGENT TUTORS, Human-Computer Interaction Institute/School of Computer Science. 2014-2016.

Research project management including recruitment of subjects, design of assessments, data collection, and data analysis. Used learning assessment tools to test machine learning algorithms.

  • Organized, executed, and supervised a classroom-based study using 1600 students and a team of 9 researchers
  • Co-author chapter Instruction Based on Adaptive Learning Technology for the 2nd edition of The Handbook of Research on Learning and Instruction edited by Mayer and Alexander


Responsible for design of mixed methods research tools and data collection. Assisting in development of user interface used by students to collaborate at a distance through the intelligent tutoring system.

  • Collected data through eye-tracking tools and audio/video recording
  • Analyzed computer logs to investigate learning gains.

RESEARCH ASSOCIATE II—CROWDSOURCING AND DESIGN, Human-Computer Interaction Institute. 2014-2015.

Design and implemented online tools to leverage crowdsourcing during their design processes. Created activities for post-secondary students to learn better ways to interact with crowdsourcing platforms.

  • Proposed and created online tool for students to collect feedback on designs while maintaining two-way anonymity.

RESEARCH ASSOCIATE II— ENGAGE: INSTRUCTIONAL GAMES DESIGN, Human-Computer Interaction Institute. 2012-2014

As part of a project designing instructional games (in Unity), I was liaison between the team of game designers at the Entertainment Technology Center and the team of learning scientists at HCII, working with both groups to determine game mechanics and features, design levels, and review user interfaces. I was also responsible for the design of learning assessment instruments and analysis of collected data.

  • Boosted a faltering project to meet all milestones by introducing project management tools and clearer avenues of communication among diverse groups
  • Proposed and led innovation in computer mediated testing methods, enabling studies to be run more efficiently and at a distance


BRYN ATHYN COLLEGE, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.


Created the pilot course for new distance education program; Consulted on policies for new distance education program and in the Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation process


SNAPOLOGY, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Responsible for educational product development and deployment, I focused on three areas: leading the design and production of new products, improving existing products, and supporting instructors.

  • Participated in expanding from one to three locations (now over 20 locations using my material)
  • Remain active member of Snapology’s Program Advisory Committee




As principal of the elementary school and pastor to a growing congregation, my focus was on community-wide leadership and instruction. Managed staff and budget up to $500,000. I developed new organizational systems for the local community as well as products and programs for the international parent organization, General Church.

  • Member of Education Leadership Team providing executive leadership for the nation-wide system of schools
  • Member of the national Curriculum Development Committee
  • Controlled annual budget of $500,000 and acquired over $500,000 in grants
  • Supervised the development of new teachers into career-level status

GLENCAIRN MUSEUM, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.


Supervised museum interns and developed training materials. Managed installation of two new galleries.



Doctor of Education, Instructional Design and Technology, 2015, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA,

Master of Divinity, Education and Leadership, 2000, Bryn Athyn College, Bryn Athyn, PA,

Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary, 1995, Bryn Athyn College, Bryn Athyn, PA


Aleven, V., McLaughlin, E. A., Glenn, R. A., Koedinger, K. R. (2017). Instruction Based on Adaptive Learning Technologies. In Mayer, R. E., & Alexander, P. A. (Eds.). Handbook of research on learning and instruction (2nd ed.). Routledge.

Hui, J., Jue, R., Glenn, A., Gerber, E., Dow, S. Using Anonymity and Communal Efforts to Improve Quality of Crowdsourced Feedback. in Proceedings of Human Computation and Crowdsourcing, AAAI Press, 2015

Glenn, A. (2015). The relationships of word processing in academic work and student achievement scores on the national assessment of educational progress (Doctoral dissertation, Duquesne University).

Aleven, V., Dow, S., Christel, M., Stevens, S., Rosé, C., Koedinger, K., … & Zhang, X., (2013). Supporting social-emotional development in collaborative inquiry games for K-3 science learning. Games+Learning+Society Conference 9.0

Christel, M., Stevens, S., Champer, M., Balash, J., Brice, S., Maher, B., … & Harpstead, E. (2013, September). Beanstalk: A unity game addressing balance principles, socio-emotional learning and scientific inquiry. In Proc. Int’l Games Innovation Conf. IEEE, NY (pp. 36-39).



Dr. Vincent Aleven
Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Laura Coe
Snapology, Pittsburgh, PA

Ed Gyllenhaal
Glencairn Museum


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