Script and Motion Graphics Video
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I wrote this script and supervised the production of the motion graphics video based on the script. The goal was to provide an overview of a complicated research program in an engaging and meaningful way.

Escape Room Statistics Tutor
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Gamified and Personalized Statistics Tutor This activity was designed for the Institute for Clinical Research Education for their online Biostatistics course. The story is that the student has been locked in a room and the only door has a numbered … Read More

Biostatistics Course
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Building a Course From the Beginning The Institute for Clinical Research Education decided to offer an online certificate in clinical research, they needed a new course in Biostatistics that would work online and without the level of instructor involvement that … Read More

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Play to Learn Scientific Discovery Torque-It is an educational game to teaching younger students about balance and scientific discovery. Players work together with a non-player character to tilt logs back and forth to follow a path collecting coins. To practice … Read More

Rumble Blocks
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Building Strong Structures Game Rumble Blocks is an educational game that teaches younger students about building shapes that are less likely to fall over. Players help an alien build a launch platform for his crashed ship. I assisted in designing … Read More

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Teaching the Principles of Balance Beanstalk was a game to teach younger students about balance and the scientific process. I worked with entertainment technologists at Carnegie Mellon University to design game levels that lead players through the discovery of the … Read More

Gamification at Think Through Math
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Teaching Game Design Thinking The learning technology company ThinkThroughMath was considering how to begin including gamification in their online products and asked me to give them some ideas about how this might work. This is a presentation I gave to … Read More

Collaborative Process of Scientific Inquiry
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New Framework for Learning Scientific Method A large team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University was studying educational games for teaching about science to younger students, but they struggled to integrate Social/Emotional Learning into topics as didactic as the scientific … Read More

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Moodle Design and Management Online learning management systems are notoriously ugly and unfriendly to users. So when the Institute for Clinical Research Education at the University of Pittsburgh decided to launch an online certificate program, they made the aesthetics and … Read More

Instructor Guides Project
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Aligning and Standardizing Courses The Institute for Clinical Research Education has a series of courses taught by teams of instructors, often changing year-to-year. To help instructor’s prepare for courses more efficiently, I developed instructor guides containing everything that the current … Read More