Gamified Statistics Tutor
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Learning Statistics Doesn’t have to be Boring This gamified set of practice problems was designed to address a problem of motivation while learning statistics. The story is that the learner has been given a clue as to the location of … Read More

Biostatistics Course
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Building a Course From the Beginning The Institute for Clinical Research Education decided to offer an online certificate in clinical research, they needed a new course in Biostatistics that would work online and without the level of instructor involvement that … Read More

Communicating about Research
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Teacher recruiting and reports A Carnegie Mellon University research team was embarking on a large research project on the topic of Adaptive Cognitive Tutors Using Machine Learning. I produced presentations, handouts, and online materials that could be used for recruitment … Read More

PCOR Studies Workbook
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A Guide to Writing a Grant Application Dr. Doug Landsittel taught a free online course on comparative effectiveness research (CER) available to people underrepresented in the clinical research community. Much of the course was intended to be practical as well … Read More

PCOR Decision Tool
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Guiding Inexperienced Researchers Through Complex Decisions Dr. Doug Landsittel observed that students and less experienced researchers struggle to navigate the slew of methods used in comparative effectiveness research (CER). He was attempting to make a tool, now called DECODE CER, … Read More

Play-based STEM Curriculum
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Learn by Playing with Legos Snapology was a young company using toys and games to teach STEM concepts to children. I created several sets of Lego modules and accompanying instructions that introduced builders to the simple machines (wheels, gears, inclined plane, … Read More

Audio Observation Tool for Teacher Training
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Use Any Phone to Record Your Teaching Dr. Bob Arnold trains instructors in specific methods for teaching medical communication, but he couldn’t always observe his trainees in their classrooms or provide feedback face-to-face. He wanted to find a way for … Read More