Gamified Statistics Tutor
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Learning Statistics Doesn’t have to be Boring This gamified set of practice problems was designed to address a problem of motivation while learning statistics. The story is that the learner has been given a clue as to the location of … Read More

Escape Room Statistics Tutor
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Gamified and Personalized Statistics Tutor This activity was designed for the Institute for Clinical Research Education for their online Biostatistics course. The story is that the student has been locked in a room and the only door has a numbered … Read More

Biostatistics Course
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Building a Course From the Beginning The Institute for Clinical Research Education decided to offer an online certificate in clinical research, they needed a new course in Biostatistics that would work online and without the level of instructor involvement that … Read More

Collaborative Fractions Tutor
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Intelligent Tutor using Student Collaboration A small study at Carnegie Mellon University was looking at how collaboration between students could improve the effectiveness of an Intelligent Tutoring System that taught fractions to elementary and middle school students. I produced presentations … Read More

Discrete Math Tutors
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Using the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) Students were struggling in a college course and the instructor couldn’t figure out why. I used data from computer logs to determine where students ran into trouble and investigated the reasons why these sections … Read More