Slide Redesign
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Making Instructors Look Good Several times instructors have asked for help updating their lecture slides, often as part of moving the course online. I was able to use both instructional design and graphic design principles to improve the slides’ ability to communicate … Read More

Idea 2 Impact Course
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Maintaining Instructor Presence Online Babs Carryer of the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute was developing a new course on innovation and the development of medical technology. Since this course would be taught in a flipped format, Ms. Carryer recorded lectures … Read More

PCOR Studies Workbook
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A Guide to Writing a Grant Application Dr. Doug Landsittel taught a free online course on comparative effectiveness research (CER) available to people underrepresented in the clinical research community. Much of the course was intended to be practical as well … Read More

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Published by Glencairn Museum, Bryn Athyn College One part of Glencairn Museum’s mission is to support the study of “the spiritual history of the human race” as described in the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg, an 18th century scientist, philosopher … Read More

Academic Poster
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Explaining Science to Non-Scientists I designed this poster for a meeting I attended to promote educational games research to businesses and foundations interested in partnering with Carnegie Mellon University. The central goal was to explain the research to a non-scientist … Read More

PCOR Decision Tool
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Guiding Inexperienced Researchers Through Complex Decisions Dr. Doug Landsittel observed that students and less experienced researchers struggle to navigate the slew of methods used in comparative effectiveness research (CER). He was attempting to make a tool, now called DECODE CER, … Read More

Play-based STEM Curriculum
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Learn by Playing with Legos Snapology was a young company using toys and games to teach STEM concepts to children. I created several sets of Lego modules and accompanying instructions that introduced builders to the simple machines (wheels, gears, inclined plane, … Read More