Biostatistics Course
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Building a Course From the Beginning The Institute for Clinical Research Education decided to offer an online certificate in clinical research, they needed a new course in Biostatistics that would work online and without the level of instructor involvement that … Read More

Discrete Math Tutors
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Using the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) Students were struggling in a college course and the instructor couldn’t figure out why. I used data from computer logs to determine where students ran into trouble and investigated the reasons why these sections … Read More

History Department Website
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Academic Website with Custom App I designed this site to host material for part of the Bryn Athyn College History Department focusing on 18th century history and the history of the college’s home town of Bryn Athyn. Embedded in the … Read More

Audio Observation Tool for Teacher Training
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Use Any Phone to Record Your Teaching Dr. Bob Arnold trains instructors in specific methods for teaching medical communication, but he couldn’t always observe his trainees in their classrooms or provide feedback face-to-face. He wanted to find a way for … Read More